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The Effective Communication - Communication skills of the project reunites five European schools from the European country as Poland, Estonia Latvia, Romania and Turkey.

As an honest communication is that the heart of happy social relationships, and act well between us can increase the tendency of creating folks additional inclined to assist and show their support thinking. Through his project we tend to shall draw the eye on however communication is known and tutored.

Communication could be a method of perpetual growth, crucial self-reflection, based within the profound appreciation of collaboration and people’s ability to attach and move with one another. At a worldwide level it is detected a visual gap between the theoretical half faculties promote and also the sensible part required by employers.

Communication skills are a necessity for prospering inclusion of teenagers of various ages from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Being awake to the way to address to different folks In numerous circumstances, of once and wherever to specific opinions can facilitate students to be additional employable in an exceedingly century where human connections are key skills to cater to a developing automatic manpower.

The project team acknowledges the worth of communication skills for college kids as an academic goal that helps develop students’ employability skills. The most aim of the project is to BOOT students’ communication skills.

The specific project objectives are: to raise awareness concerning communication and its issues among 250 students returning from five EU faculties throughout a 2 years project,to observe the communication method among students from five EU faculties ,to enhance students’ communication skills(presentation skills, address, society, intercultural communication) by exchanging their personal and cultural experiences,to encourage students to use ICT to speak with impact

The project was designed considering the subsequent four sub-stages: Verbal & Non-verbal

Communication, Barriers of Communication, communication, and electronic communication. These sub-stages can facilitate US manufacture the subsequent concrete results:


-Erasmus+ corners

-logo of the project

-presentations of the project partners

-1 silent theater play

-1 e-booklet

-6 container Messages Boxes

-6 shows “Communicating for Understanding”

-1 common song

-1 common calendar

-1 exhibition “Create to Communicate”

-6 digital stories “My country’s contribution to the ecu cultural heritage”

-1 travel manual

-2 sites of the project

-promotional materials: flyers, bookmarks

-DVD of the project

            The project will last for 2 college years and there'll be one short-run joint workers coaching event within the PL and four short-term exchanges of teams of pupils in noble metal, EE, LV, RO and TR. The project can involve high school students (14-19 years old), teachers, the local people, stakeholders and also the native media. a complete range of 300 students (50 students/ school) are going to be directly concerned within the project, attending activities organized at a neighborhood level, from that eighty students (16 students/ school) can attend the international conferencestogether with forty lecturers (8 teachers/ school). There will be organized team building activities (e.g.city games, blindfold games, downside finding, etc.) and it'll facilitate participants to appreciate the approach they categorical themselves, the accuracy of their messages, and importance of a transparent communication. The direct interaction with EU students, shows, cluster activities, creative moments (prepared for the official openings), and intercultural activities can facilitate participants to know the communication processes in different EU colleges. Students’ communication skills are going to be increased as they'll have the chance to exchange personal and cultural experiences, develop their presentation skills, speech, society, intercultural communication skills and

competences.Thinking about semipermanent edges of this partnership, the standard of the education method are going to be redoubled, the development plans are going to be developed and also the image of the college will be improved at a neighborhood, regional and national level. Cooperating with six EU countries can contribute to understand the national values and also the instructional importance of promoting the EU cultural heritage.